Conroy's produce a large range of "Premium Quality Hams, Bacon and Smallgoods' made to traditional recipes.

The following is a list of our products.

Product Pack Size
Middle Rashers R/On 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg
Whole Middle Boneless - Rind On and Rindless app 9kg
Whole Short Back Bacon app 5kg
Short Cut Bacon Rashers Rindless 750g, 2.5kg, 5kg
Middle Rashers Rindless 2.5kg, 5kg
Streaky Bacon 2.5kg
Bacon Pieces 250g, 750g, 2.5kg
Smoked Belly Bacon Whole app 3kg
Budget Bacon 1kg
R/W Middle Rashers app 250g
Value Pack Bacon 750g
Bargain Bacon 500g, 1kg
Product  Pack Size
R/W Ham Steaks 2 pack & 8 pack app 250g, 1kg
Ham Steaks (2 pack) 300g
Shoulder Rolls Half & Full (Ham Steaks) R/W app 3kg, 6kg
Catering Ham 4x4 R/W app 4kg
York Ham Rindless Whole & Half 4x4 R/W app 4kg, 2kg
Diced Ham 2.5kg
Sandwich Ham 4x4 R/W app 4kg
Picnic Ham Bone IN R/W app 4kg
Product Pack Size
Virginian Ham Halves R/W app 3.5kg
Boneless Leg Ham Portion R/W app 1kg
Gold Label Ham app 900g
Old Style Rindless Ham R/W app 5kg
Cooked Leg on Bone-Full & Half R/W app 9 & 5kg
Third Ham on Bone (Full Leg Cut into 3) app 10kg
Eazy Carve Champagne Ham Semi B/Less R/W app 8.5kg
Half Boneless Champagne Ham R/W app 4kg
Gammon Ham R/W app 7kg
Boneless Easy Carve app 4kg
Boiled Ham app 3kg
Product Pack Size
Kabana 250g, R/W, 1kg, 2kg
Natural Skin Big Kabana 2.5kg
Kransky Cheese & Chilli R/W, 2kg
Kransky Cheese R/W, 500g, 2kg
Nat Skin Continental Cheese & Chilli Kransky 2.5kg
Nat Skin Continental Cheese Kransky 2.5kg
Viennas Skinless 7" or 9" 2.5kg
Viennas Skin on 7" or 9" 2.5kg
Pepperoni 2kg
Polish Sausage 750g
Polish Coil app 2kg
Mettwurst COV Full & Half - Garlic app 1kg & 500g
Salami COV Full & Half R/W app 1.8kg, 900g
Smokee Dogs 10" Skinless 2.5kg
Presswurst app 2kg
Black Pudding 350g
White Pudding 350g
Product Pack Size
Gourmet Eye Muscle Beef app 1kg
Roast Beef Premium Half app 3kg
Cooked Beef Half Splits app 2kg
Beef Packs app 1kg
Cooked Beef Halves app 4kg
Roast Eye Muscles Beef app 1kg
Pastrami app 1kg
Product Pack Size
Sliced Cheese 1.5kg
Catering Cheese 2.4kg
Matured Cheese 2.4kg
Tasty Shredded 2kg
Mozzarella Shredded 2kg
Bacon Bones app R/W
Chicken Loaf app 1.7kg
Pickled Pork R/W app 1.5kg
Smoked Hocks app R/W
Turkey Roll Smoked Aldinga app 2kg, 1kg
Roast Pork Leg Boneless app 3kg
Bulk Lard 10kg
Product Pack Size
 Frankfurts Cryovac 500g, 1kg, 2kg, & R/W
Saveloys R/W Bulk 500g, 1kg, 2kg, & R/W
Cocktail Frankfurts R/W Bulk 500g, 1kg, R/W
Bung Fritz R/W Cryovac Singles app 1kg
Bung Fritz R/W Cryovac Bulk app 5kg
Bung Fritz Portions R/W app 250g
Conroys Fritz Plastic Casing 500g, 1kg, 2kg
Luncheon Loaf app 3.5kg
Savoury Loaf app 1.8kg, 3.5kg
Pork & Veal Brawn Full & Half app 2.5kg, 1.3kg
Sausages - Pork Flavour Thick and Thin R/W
Sausages 'Quick Peel' 1kg